Flute Player

Sacred Deer Fetish

The flute player represents the eternal prayer, music, the dance of the universe.  In the Southwest we call the male aspect “kokopeli” and the female aspect “kokopeli mana”.  The concept of the flute player is that as we sing, creation grows; as we pray, the prayer is released to become, to evolve.  Music must be played and released to be heard; the song is shared with the universe.  The flute player is symbolic of prayer, of releasing the song of our spirit to the universe.  Music is not static.  Vibrations continually change; the song is never the same.  Each person has a different sound.  Music is symbolic of a freeing energy, of prayer.

Coyote and Corn Plant

According to Hopi legend the Rain God planted the first plant in a bowl of cornmeal and it was to have eternal life.  The coyote became jealous of the plant.  Blowing on his magic flute, the coyote caused the plant to die every winter.  But the Rain God was the ultimate victor because the corn plant sprang into life each spring.

Art Stories
by David Paladin