David Chethlahe Paladin Poetry

Cloud Songs

Messengers from the gods,

the clouds whisper their song.

And with its singing

A vision is born.

It is this vision I would share with you

For it is one of everlasting beauty.

See my vision and hear my song.

Dance to its music,

that your spirit may share it also.


Journey to the Spirit World

To the spirit place I have journeyed,

visiting the ghosts from worlds past.

I have felt their tears

and tasted their troubles,

shared their joys

and singing.

With them I have danced.


Returning now to my world,

I see them only as colors

dancing in my dreams.

Yet they are as real

as the Dream of Being

that I am now.

Shaman's Poem

Thunder Who Speaks From the Mountain, I am.

Sun Bear, I am.

Turtle Who Cries in the Night, I am.

Three voices speak from my sacred mountain.

I am heard.

Thunder voice speaks, I shudder.

Sun voice speaks, I burn.

Turtle voice speaks, I cry.

All three of my voices speak.

I am thunder, fire and water,

mixed at the foot of my sacred mountain.

My voices speak,

rising up like eagle wings.

My voices speak,

wrapping life in soft dreams.


The night is filled with silent sound

beating at my eyes and ears.

I see and see not,

hear and deafness surrounds me.

Dreams of those once known

intertwine with mine

and the shining silence

bursts with knowing.

Other spirits, other dreams

scream and prod,

trying to awaken me

until I know

they are only shadows of myself,

fearful of the sound of truth,

for in knowing

I am nothing,

they too, shall cease to be.

Vision of Color


From the emptiness of a dark vision

a silent voice speaks to me

in white, black, brown and blue.


Sacred colors of the no-sun sky,

themselves muted through invisibility.


Whirling, they form patterns

seen ony by the blind.


Twisting, they dance to music

heard only by the deaf.


Raising their voices, they sing

songs with words spoken by the mute.


I awaken from my vision and stare

at a naked world

where the only colors are

the colors of my soul.



Silent, I dance,

never moving,

listening to a symphony

of silent sounds.


I turn to face

the light that shines

within the souls of all

and yet is never seen.


Reaching out,

I embrace the universe,

knowing it is but

a dream of becoming.