David Paladin
Shamanic Anecdotes


The Medicine Bag – a kaleidoscopic glimpse into memories of Pueblo ceremonies and rituals that contributed to David’s shamanic training.

Seven Drum Song – David’s unexpected acquisition of a Tarahumara vision drum and his communication with the maker of that drum in a shamanic dream vision.

Tarahumara Shamanic Initiation – David’s dramatic spirit vision encapsulates the birth of this planet in a vibrant sound and light show.  What wisdom did he harvest from this, his first shamanic vision?

Brain Wave Analysis – Although Dr. Norris uses biofeedback terminology to describe her observations of David’s trance creativity, she translates it into plain English to help those unfamiliar with the terms to understand what she’s noticed. She characterizes her observations of David’s ability as “an interesting form of medical clairvoyance.”  How then, did the healing paintings affect the subjects?