The Fetish Bag

No More Secrets

A Council Grove Conference Recollection 1983

After we participated in the ritual that David led at the Council Grove Conference we joined him, listening to him describe his way of seeing things.  Suddenly, he took from his neck the medicine bag that he had worn since he was a child.   He ripped open the leather pouch to expose a carved bear fetish that had been with him throughout his life as a power object.  As he placed the fetish in my hands he proclaimed, “No more secrets.  Everything that I possess is yours to touch so that you may share the beauty of your spirit with it.  In doing so, your spirit is enriched also.  This is the Beauty Way path that I choose to walk.” 

     The little bear was passed reverently from hand to hand around the circle.  We had no idea then that this was the last conference before his death.  What an honor and blessing it was for us to have shared in that experience.  David showed us how to walk the Beauty Way, how to make our life our art.  From Ann White

Photograph of worn leather fetish bag with fetish inside
Photograph of fetish bag ripped open exposing fetish
Bear fetish image