Four Crystals on a barren planet

Wisdom from the Ximu Crystal Consciousness


            [LP]  In November, 1984, I was with David at the Iliff School of Theology (a Methodist divinity school in Denver, Colorado) where David was leading a short workshop with the students about ways to respond to the differences that created friction among the students and between different religious denominations. 

            One evening I suggested to David that he might see what the Ximu Crystal Consciousness might have to say about the divisive nature of humankind.  Sharing my curiosity, he seated himself at the dining table in the student apartment provided for our use during our visit.  Placing his "grandfather crystal" in front of him and propping his head in his hands with his elbows on the table he began as I punched the tape recorder. 

On Divisiveness Within Human Society

          " All of the information that has been gathered seems to indicate that when myth or creative response becomes frozen and is related directly to time, space, [and] culture, it immediately becomes divisive by nature.  [It is] the failure to recognize that all creative response is pure creative energy and must not be limited [that] leads to a divisive structure.  A pattern is set that separates it from another pattern.

           " The ocean of consciousness is no longer fed by the streams and rivers of the universal experience, and becomes stagnant.  One must undam the streams.  One must allow for the natural flow of the creative spirit, or one limits not only one's experiences but the experiences of others, condemning them to one form of stagnation or another.  In the slime of the stagnated stream and the stagnated ocean one finds a return to the primal forms.  The well springs dry up, the sea becomes a barren land, and the land is no longer fed.  An entity dies, unrefreshed, unfed, unnourished.

            "The solution lies within the ability of consciousness to force new pathways, to open up new tributaries, to feed the ocean of consciousness freely.  For consciousness itself is stagnating.  We speak of the earth consciousness, the consciousness of humankind becoming parched, barren of symbols, barren of images, denied the refreshment of new rains.

            "Perhaps this is the anxiety that is being felt by some [people], the knowledge that the wellspring is drying while others try to hold the last drop of water of consciousness to them, to protect it, to call it their own.  By doing so they condemn themselves and others to the final drought.  Perhaps the great droughts that are predicted by your prophets, by your seers, by your shamans, are not droughts that will destroy the land, but droughts that are already destroying the spirit, denying the nourishment that is primary to universal growth."


               [LP] I learned from other unseen friends who spoke through David that shamans and mystics from ancient cultures believed that the Ximu crystal consciousness was a source of wisdom beyond earth; some considered Ximu to be a god. 

               Concentrating upon a crystal facilitated this communication that was only available from two days before, the day of, and two days after the full moon.  After this first session with Ximu David felt strangely disoriented, as he reported to me, like his knees were on backwards.